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Our Mission

To redefine service in the aviation industry through innovation and technology. Driven by quality, guided by integrity

Our Values

Accountability - Own Your Actions
Attitude - Be Positive & Confident
Collaboration - Face Challenges Together
Creativity - Imagine, Then Act
Curiosity - Ask The Questions
Effort - Work Hard, Work Smarter 
James Boccarossa
James BoccarossaCEO
15+ years start-up & B2B technology development experience

Recognized expert in secondary channel management. Former management consultant and serial entrepreneur with multiple exits

University of Illinois & MBA Northwestern Kellogg

Stephanie Boccarossa
Stephanie BoccarossaCOO
Founder of ASU Inc.

15+ years aviation aftermarket trading experience

Generated several +$10 million portfolios and developed numerous ATA chapter specific programs for publicly traded companies

Ed Sobota
Ed SobotaDirector, Account Management
25+ years of multi-national sales team leadership of both small and large teams

Successfully launched multiple companies from early stage, to hyper growth, to maturity

Mark Monelli
Mark MonelliAirbus Systems
15+ years of account management

Deep experience in marketplace management & channel design

Jon Strzezewski
Jon Strzezewski Global Business Development
10+ years industrial sales experience

Logistics, operations, and systems implementation expertise

Carter Ester
Carter EsterBoeing Systems
Indiana University, B.S. Management

Proficient in client service, lease, and exchange program management

Caroline Ieuter
Caroline IeuterBoeing Cost Estimator
Client support for quality, freight, and overhaul & maintenance repair management

B.S. IU Kelley School of Business

Marc Prats
Marc PratsAirbus Cost Estimator
International relations specialty (Spanish nationality)

Vendor management program quality assurance

Ruth Jetton
Ruth JettonAdministrative Coordinator
Operations/HR Lead. Finger on the pulse of all things Air Spares Unlimited
Adam Wales
Adam WalesAirbus Landing Systems
Airbus client relations and support

University of Wisconsin, B.S. Consumer Behavior

ASUN Cert Rev 1

We are an FAA AC 00-56 accredited company, a member of the Aviation Suppliers Association, and hold an ASA-100 quality certification
Aviation Suppliers Association FAA AC 00-56 List


Why Air Spares Unlimited

What is it in today’s highly-competitive job market that makes an opportunity compelling and unique? Please consider the following:

  • Experts in the industry: ASU’s management team has over 20 years of expertise in the close-knit aerospace aftermarket industry and is a trusted adviser to respected industry experts  
  • Proven Senior Leadership: Jim Boccarossa, CEO, has proven himself a successful B2B entrepreneur and hired seasoned sales and product management leaders who understand the delicate balance between the art and science of managing complex programs with sustainable growth
  • Values Driven Brand: The management team at ASU is committed to protecting the positive vibe and thriving company culture. Team members are encouraged to work together using their creativity and curiosity when solving tough challenges

Industry Growth Ensures Opportunity: In 2018, the global aerospace market is worth $65 Billion with projected growth 30% to $85 billion by 2022.  Demand for talent in this industry is on the rise.  ASU provides a greenfield opportunity for growth with the stability of an established business and the spirit of a startup.

Inventory For Immediate Sale

Boeing Material    
Part NumberDescriptionConditionLead TimeNotes
162A1100-5B737-800 NLGAR/SV/OH30 DaysFull B2B Trace
161A1100-36B737-800 RHMLGAR/SV/OH30 DaysFull B2B Trace
161A1100-35B737-800 LHMLGAR/SV/OH30 DaysFull B2B Trace
162A1100-13737-900ER NLGSVStockFull BTB Trace
273A2101-6737NG Retract ActuatorAR/SV/OHStockFull B2B Trace
161A1100-31B737-700 Landing GearAR/SVStockFull BTB Trace
161A1100-32B737-700 Landing GearAR/SVStockFull BTB Trace
162A1100-9B737-700 Landing GearAR/SVStockFull BTB Trace
161A1100-19B737-700 Landing GearSV/OHStockFull B2B Trace
161A1100-20B737-700 Landing GearSV/OHStockFull B2B Trace
162A1100-4B737-700 Landing GearSV/OHStockFull B2B Trace
C20626200737 NG Wheel - MainAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
C20633000737 NG BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
C20637000737 NG Wheel - NoseAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2607092B767 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2607092-3B767 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2608811-5B767 Wheel - MainAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2612412B767 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2612412-1B767 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2612412-1AB767 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
C20508000B767 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
C20509000B767 Wheel - MainAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2-1566B777 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2-1693B777 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2611202-2B777 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2611202-2AB777 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2611202-2BB777 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2611205-2B777 Wheel - NoseAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2611811-1B777 Wheel - MainAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
3-1535B777 Wheel - NoseAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
3-1540B777 Wheel - MainAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
3-1618B777 Wheel - MainAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
C20558000B777 Brake AssyAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
2-1515-2B747 BrakeAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
3-1479-1B747-400 Wheel - MainAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
3-1479-2B747-400 Wheel - MainAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace

Airbus Material    
Part NumberDescriptionConditionLead TimeNotes
201376001/02A320 FAM Main GearAR/SV/OHCond. DependentFull BTB Trace
201528001/02-A320 FAM Main GearAR/SV/OHCond. DependentFull BTB Trace
201585003/04-A321 Main GearAR/SV/OHCond. DependentFull BTB Trace
201590002/03/04-Airbus Retract ActuationAR/SV/OHCond. DependentFull BTB Trace
10-451701-000Airbus Retract ActuationAR/SV/OHCond. DependentFull BTB Trace
D23589520-A320 NLGAR/SV/OHCond. DependentFull BTB Trace
D23757500-A320 NLGAR/SV/OHCond. DependentFull BTB Trace
3-1531A320/A321 Nose WheelAR/SV/OHStockFull Comercial Trace
3-1531-1A320/A321 Nose WheelAR/SV/OHStockFull Comercial Trace
3-1531-2A320/A321 Nose WheelAR/SV/OHStockFull Comercial Trace
3-1531-3A320/A321 Nose WheelAR/SV/OHStockFull Comercial Trace
C20195162A32- Main WheelAR/SV/OHStockFull Comercial Trace
C20195152-3A320 Main WheelAR/SV/OHStockFull Comercial Trace
C20500000A321 Main WheelAR/SV/OHStockFull Comercial Trace
C20500100A321 Main WheelAR/SV/OH14 DaysFull Comercial Trace
C20225510A320 BrakeAR/SV/OHStockFull Comercial Trace
C20225410-1A319 BrakeAR/SV/OHStockFull Comercial Trace
C20534100A321 Brake AssyAR/SV/OHStockFull Comercial Trace