Chapter 32 is all we do – Landing Gear, Wheels & Brakes 

Our focus on Boeing and Airbus material allows Air Spares to offer the best platform support and knowledge for customers and suppliers. Whether you’re selling, sourcing or repairing, having an expert who understands the complexity of the market ensures a smooth process.  





  • Transaction Types – Our experienced staff can arrange and manage Leases, Exchanges and Outright Sales
  • Logistics – Benefit from our expertise in full-range asset management. We handle all the details for our clients from shipping, receiving, importing and warehousing
  • Repair Management – ASU will coordinate your Repair & Overhaul Management, saving you time and resources
  • Asset Sale – ASU can help to facilitate the Sale of your Assets, either by direct purchase or through one of our partners


At the core of every landing gear solution is the need for straightforward records management.  Air Spares commitment to provide simple summaries for complex back-to-birth records analysis cuts through the hassles of dealing with landing gears for our partners, providing peace of mind while saving time and money

Records are complex and time consuming

  • They require extensive understanding
  • Many Man hours to digest and interpret
  • Critical Thinking to solve edge case scenarios
  • Working knowledge and access to OEM standardization requirements and conditions

Air Spares will provide

  • The elimination of redundant or extraneous information within asset record files
  • In-depth Understanding of technical documentation and interpretation
  • Articulation of trace information in a consistent, digestible format